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Overdraft Protection
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The credit builder loan is designed to help members with no credit, little credit, or unfavorable credit.
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Has this ever happened to you? Probably not, but imagine…you are in the checkout line in the grocery store or out at a nice restaurant only to discover your check has bounced or debit card has been declined due to insufficient funds in your checking account. How embarrassing! Fortunately, you won’t have to experience that humiliation and frustration when you sign up for Overdraft Protection.

What is Overdraft Protection?

Overdraft Protection is a line of credit attached directly to your Checking Account. It’s a simple and convenient way to help ensure your checking and everyday debit card transactions clear in the unlikely event your account balance runs low. Consider it a safety net when other sources of funds have been exhausted.


Free - You are only charged when you use it

Peace of mind - prevents an uncomfortable situation of being declined due to insufficient funds

Convenience - keeps you covered when you need it

Security - may provide funds to pay for unexpected expenses

Additional Options

In addition to Overdraft Protection, Box Elder Credit Union also offers Courtesy Pay service to provide an extra cushion to cover the unexpected.

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