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Spoofed Websites and “Phishing”

Spoofed Websites and “Phishing”

Almost daily our members receive phishing e-mails claiming to be from CUNA, NCUA, FDIC or other large national financial service providers.

Recently, there has been a change in tactics. Many credit unions have reported that their members are now receiving e-mails claiming to be from the member’s credit union. Embedded within the email is a link to a spoofed website. The spoofed website appears to be exactly like the credit union’s legitimate website. Once the member is redirected to the spoofed website, the scam phishing e-mail asks the member to fill in required information to keep his/her credit/debit cards or online banking active. The spoofed website asks for name, account number, card numbers and other sensitive account information.

Because the spoofed websites have a very authentic appearance, members are giving up their credit and debit card information, including PINs. Within minutes of a member responding to a phishing e-mail, there are fraudulent transactions on the credit and debit card accounts.